About Us


We provide today’s fashion brands with
the best tools, partners and advice
to rapidly scale globally.


Blast Ramp is a cloud-based ERP solution designed specifically for small and medium sized fashion brands. We offer a comprehensive platform that has been designed and developed based on direct feedback from our customers. We closely align our history in fashion with our customer’s needs to create an easy to use, cost effective platform that allows you to take your business to the next level.


To achieve this, we’ve combined our expertise with the latest technology – cloud-based software, highly scalable database environment, an extensive API and incredibly reliable infrastructure. With Blast Ramp’s client focused support, you can leave your software and systems related troubles behind and focus on what matters – your brand.


The highlight of our ERP solution is its ease of use and affordability. We offer a variety of service levels that will scale with your brand as you grow. Service levels are available in uncomplicated monthly and annual plans that aren’t restricted by a contract. Our solution does not require any specific hardware support or software downloads. An up-to-date internet browser is all you need to get up and running with a full-featured ERP.


Though our platform is known for its user-friendliness and ease of use, we understand that using an ERP solution can be complex due to the number of features offered. With this in mind, customer onboarding is performed by a dedicated support team that develops a customized plan based on your timeline and goals. From there additional support via focused training sessions complimented with our helpdesk will keep your brand running smoothly season after season. We understand the varied needs of our client base. We strive to fulfill the needs by constantly improving our support and services based on reviews and feedback provided by our customers.


We are based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and led by a team of industry veterans with exposure to all aspects of operating a successful brand in today’s marketplace.


Over 100 brands around the world are using Blast Ramp to help manage their growth. Let us help you!



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