Shopify Tip for Black Friday

If you’re expecting a high volume of orders over the upcoming weekend we recommend turning off your Shopify inventory sync.

The reason for this recommendation is that a high volume of orders will introduce moments where Blast Ramp does not have all your orders from Shopify and in turn an incorrect stock sync may occur.

For example, if Shopify has 14 orders and Blast Ramp has only received 12 orders, at the point the stock sync runs it will not account for the 2 outstanding orders. This could put your store in a situation where you oversell.

Therefore, we recommend syncing the inventory early in the day and then allowing your web store to run with the stock levels for the rest of the day (we recommend holding your wholesale orders until the following week too).

Here is a short video that shows you how to temporarily disable the inventory sync:

Also, as a secondary measure we have extended our Shopify integration to check in every 30 minutes and audit orders ensuring all orders will come across to Blast Ramp.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Have a successful Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

Thank you,
Blast Ramp Team