Shopify Tip: Inventory Sync

How to keep up with the Holiday Rush?

Simply temporarily turn off your Shopify Inventory Sync!

Turning off your inventory sync will help with what we call the “Race Condition”. The “Race Condition” is where orders are coming in faster than Shopify can push them to Blast Ramp. This order vs inventory race can cause an incorrect perceived quantity in stock between Blast Ramp and Shopify.

For example, if Shopify receives a customers order while an inventory sync is in progress, it is possible that the inventory from that order could be added back into Shopify, putting your store in a prenatal oversell situation.

Great news is we have a simple solution! If you disable your inventory sync prior to any order spikes, whether it be because of a sale or simply higher than normal order volume, it will drastically reduce your exposure to oversells.

Although this change is not mandatory, we do HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take our advice and disable your inventory sync when possible to avoid any oversell situations. Please keep in mind that once you disable your inventory sync, any inventory changes made in Blast Ramp will not be pushed to Shopify until you re-enable it.

Quick Steps: Advanced > Administration > DC Settings > Integration > Shopify Configuration > Edit > uncheck Enable Inventory Sync > Save.


For a short video on how to temporarily disable the inventory sync: